Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It was day before new year's eve. We were racking our brains to find a place to go on new year's eve. I had suggested Mysore. But Nagu was not prepared to drive that long. (For the ignorent, Nagu is my friend. Other character soon to be introduced is Harsha). So we had to think of alternatives. After a series of discussions we decided to got to Mekedaatu.

On new year's eve, I woke up with a back sprain. I could not rotate my neck for more than 45 degrees. But nothing could stop me from a trip.

We started from my place at 8:30 AM. It was bit late than what we had planned. But I thought we should be able to avoid traffic. And I was right. Except for some stretches on Kanakapura Road, the traffic was pretty thin.

We gave out first stop on the outskirts of Bangalore. We stopped for sometime to stretch ourselves. And I started clicking snaps on my new digicam. I must admit that I was waiting for such a trip since the day I had got my cam. Anyway, we started soon after. Nagu zoomed past us as he was trying to set new speed record on his bike (Me and Harsha were on my bike). It took quite some time for us to catch up with Nagu. Nagu informed us that he crossed the 100 kmph mark for the first time. Nagu seemed pretty excited about it.

We reached Kanakapura at around 11 AM. We loaded a bit of food pile and started towards Sangam. We had just travelled about 5 kms from Kanakapura, the adventure (rather misadventure) started. My tyre blew. I mean not literally. My tyre had got punctured. And thankfully, Nagu noted it pretty soon.

Me and Nagu examined the tyre, but found nothing. Nagu had to go to Kanakapura to get a mechanic. Meanwhile, me and Harsha started re-examining the tyre. And this time we found the culprit. A nail hiding neatly between the tyre threads. Not knowing how to kill time, I started clicking snaps of the place and Harsha started on the food. Soon, I was giving company (competition would be a better word) to Harsha. We called up Nagu and asked him to get more 're-inforcements'.

It was nearly 12:30 by the time we could start again. We stopped again after some time to stretch ourselves. We realised that we should move soon if we were to reach in time. Not wasting any more time, we started again. But soon we found a stretch where the landscape was so captivating that we do anything, but stop and watch. We stayed there for quite some time and emptied most of the 're-inforcements' Nagu had got. We started again half-heartedly and reached Sangam at around 2 PM.

Then came the second shocker. To reach Mekedaatu, we had take a bus across the river and then 4 kms further. Because of time crunch, we decided against it. We decided to spend some time at Sangam and then start back. Harsha promptly waded in to the water, while me and Nagu sat on the banks. It was here that Nagu mentioned that he had seen a board about some falls enroute. So we decided to give a visit to the falls.

We started at around 3 PM. Forunately we found that road to the falls without much ado. The road to the falls was out of a postcard. It passed through many small villages and green plains. The falls was called Chunchi Falls and was at a decent distance from the road. So we parked our bikes and started walking.

Slowly the trek started getting tricky. The path was full of rocks (read boulders) and was very slippers. But my wet shoes soles were more than a match for the rocks. I couldn't walk straight even on normal surfaces, let alone on slippery rocks. It took great effort for me to reach the falls. But the falls was worth all the effort. It was simply mind-blowing. The water flowed through the rocks, dropped down from a great height and passed though a deep valley. We rested there enjoying the serene atmosphere. We finally decided to start at 4:30. By the time we reached back to our bikes, we were tired and Nagu was out of breath. Nagu and Harsha cooled themselves with some coconut water. It was 5 PM by the time we started back.

The trip back to Bangalore was full of pit stops as we were tired and could not manage to drive for long. We reached Bangalore at around 7 PM and reached Nagu's place at around 9. All the three of us broke through the door and crashed into the bed. After a brief rest, we had dinner at Wangs.

I was all for making some plans for celebrating new year, but Nagu and Harsha were fully drained. So I went back home and sat with my roomies watching movies. We (now refers to me and my roomies) went to the terrace just before midnight.

The fireworks started at 12. The sky was filled with beautiful multicoloured showers. It was after 5 minutes my roomate realised that we were not taking snaps. And by the time we could get the cam, most of the fireworks had stopped. So we went back home and wished all our friends. And crashed for the day.

So, it was an eventful day. A long day trip with Harsha getting ample chances to hit me on the pretext of massaging my paining back. A memorable day where we decided something and nothing happened as planned, but which finally turned out to be good. Let me see what the new year has in store for me.

Note: Please visit my photo album for the snaps.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

This reminds me of all the trips my friends and me would take during our college days.

It made me feel nostalgic.