Monday, January 02, 2006

Book Review - Eragon

Eragon - Christopher Paulini. Book One of Inheritance.

Another treat for fantasy readers. A book which reminds one of LOTR.

The books starts with a boy called Eragon who finds a stone. This stone later turns out to be a egg of a dragon. The story then unfolds how the egg changes the life of Eragon.

The author handles the flow pretty well. But one misses the depth of the characters which one finds in LOTR. The characters in Eragon have not been crafted with great skill. But considering that the author is in his early twenties, the story is very well written. The flow is smooth and there are no hiccups in the flow. This prevents the reader from putting down the book once he starts. The adventures have been very well described. The reader gets a flavour of Rowling's writing at places.

Having said all this, I highly recommend the book for all fantasy lovers. A must read.

Statutory Warning: This is my first book review write-up. Please read this at your own risk.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Eragon. Well yeah, I heard it from you and others before. But I see now that it has had such an effect on you that you put it on a post of you blog.

That kindled my curiosity, and I could not help but find out more. I have seen the hardbound books, the blue coloured Eragon and the red one, Eldest, at the always-haunted bookstore 'Landmark'. But that seemed not enough for me and I looked around. I even read through the excerpt: Eragon - Excerpt.

Now I cannot wait for long enough when I can pool enough funds and head to that book store. And when I do that, I am going by your word Sandy, so you would better be right inspite of that disclaimer you have at the bottom. ;-)