Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I got a sms this morning saying "A gem quote : Probability of meeting someone increases exponentially when you are in a position where you dont want to meet them". So I started pondering on this quote to analyse whether it was really a "gem".

Hoping that it would be easier to analyse the quote given certain scenario, I started thinking of instances where this quote would hold true.

Instance 1: You have told your parents (read relatives) that you are going to your friend's place to study for the coming exams when actually you are going for a party. You go to the party, have great fun, you get totally sloshed and then when you think nothing can go wrong, your cousin comes there with his friends (or you bump into some relative of yours). OOPS !!!

Instance 2: You are going around with someone from the past few days and none of your friends know about it. One day when you are in a movie, suddenly you see your big-mouthed friend sitting next to you and watching you with that "someone" when that "someone" has held your hand or something. OOPS !!!

Instance 3: You stay back at office telling your boss that you have some work to finish. Pleased with your hard work, your boss leaves for the day smiling at you. Trying to make maximum use of this opportunity, you start to play some game or start browsing some sites which you usually dont visit when you boss is around. But because of your bad luck, your boss who had forgotten something comes back to office and finds you busy in your "own world". Suddenly, something tells you that this moment is too good to be true and you turn back to find your boss standing behind your back. OOPS !!!

Well, let me tell you that I have never been in such close situations and touch wood, I wouldn't want to be in one either. But then, I do know many people who have been in such a, can i say "delicate" situation.

After analysing all these scenarios, I finally concluded that it was definitely a gem quote. If you disagree, I would like to hear more about it. And if you agree, or if you have anything to share, please comment.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What is Love

So, What is Love? Maybe another million dollar question.

I am not a philosopher to explain Love, nor have I any interest in expressing my personal opinion. What I am refering to here is the song "What is Love".

Let me elaborate. Last weekend I had been to one of my friend's place to set right some problem in his computer. After a frustrating battle for 3 hours, I concluded that nothing could be done to his computer. So I got his HDD to my place, and set the things right. When everything was fine, I started exploring his HDD and found some interesting videos. One of them was this one.

So "What is Love"? This clip features Jim Carrey, and I dont think I need to say anything. This clip is shot for series called "Saturday Night". Its a great video and background score is awesome too. Jim Carrey at his best maybe. The clip is about three guys who go around the city on a saturday night in search of "Love" (dont miss the quotes).

For all those people who have not watched this video can download the same through one of the the following URL:

And after you have watched the same, please do give your comments.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Of Hits and Misses

"Life is not fair", "Life is not a bed of roses", etc. etc. These are some of the many one-liners that try describe a very abstract word called "Life". Many people have tried to define life and they may have defined it right in their view-point. But then, "Life is not fair".

A very small incident tells us how things turn up in life. Of the things you wanted to work out and about the things you didn't.

You plan to spend a beautiful weekend with your friends partying out, but end up in office with your boss breathing down your neck like an infuriated ox. You are forced to work. But then, mind has no boundaries. It can never be confined inside the boundaries of this world. Your mind will be partying merrily with your friends, while you are physically tied in your cubicle. And the task which would have taken only an hour during normal hours will take not less than a couple of hours to finish. And by the time you are done, your friends would have done with the party and returned back to their "Home-Sweet-Home".

So, how would you feel at that time? And if you were planning for this weekend from the past couple of months, then? But what can you do? Well, other than finding words to curse your devilish boss. Nothing. You feel so helpless. You end up swearing "Why me !!??".

And thats a million dollar question, "Why me !!??". And at this time, you feel everyone around you is leading an "ideal" life. Everything seems to be working right for them. No worries, no problems. You are the only target in the world for all the misfortunes and misadventures at that time. God (If you believe in Him) seems to be very unfair to you. You end up screaming "Why me !!??".

You are helpless. Your hands are tied. You want to pin-down this injustice on someone. But you cant find anyone. So what do you do?

I am leaving this topic open for now. Maybe I can conclude on this some day.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wanderings of Sandy

"Monday night... and I feel so low....count the hours... but they go so slow.... " so goes a song from Enrique Iglesius. And this was exactly what I was on saturday night. I had a full sunday ahead of me and had no idea what to do. With no company and no plans in mind, I forced myself to sleep on saturday night. Sunday morning I got up, hoping for some great idea to pop into my mind. But no such thing happened. Then suddenly..... my eyes fell on my shining bike (please note, it was washed on saturday). And viola, I knew what to do. I went to Food World, bought some packets of food and hit the roads at 11 am. I was going to Nandi Hills.

Nandi Hills is the closest hill station to Bangalore, at a distance of about 60kms. I took the outer-ring road. The roads were empty and i went zooming at around 80 kmph. (Please note, you rarely get to reach these speeds in Bangalore). I reached the Hebbal fly-over in about 20 mins and took the road to Yelahanka. The new international airport at Devanahalli is en-route. And also the Jakkur air-field. So, the roads are broad at most of the places and one can easily cruise at 100 kmph. The route was pretty boring till the turn to Nandi Hills. Once you reach the board that states, Nandi Hills.. 22 kms, the road starts to get a bit rough and more greener. I stopped at several places to take snaps from my ordinary Kodak camera.

Once you reach close to the hills, the roads start to get bit tricky and view of the mountains starts to get amazing. Once you are on the curved roads, the view of the mountains and the valley at each turn looks like straight out of the postcards. I stopped at several places to take shots from my camera. I reached the top at around 1:30 PM. Two wheelers are not allowed inside the fort on the top. So I parked the vehicle, lifted my sack and started walking.

The weather was just marvellous. It was very cool and cloudy. Some time later it started drizzling. I walked about in the rain, enjoying the greenery and the landscape. The place was crowded near the gardens. People had come with their families and were having their lunch. So I escaped from that place and moved over to some more scheduled places. I reached a place from where the hills and the valley could be seen perfectly. I sat down on a rock and enjoying the cool breeze and muching on the food I had got. At around 2:30 PM, I started walking back. I went around the ends of the fort, getting cold stares from couples who thought I was intruding their privacy. At around 2:45 PM, I realised I was lost. I did not know which was the way out and which way I had come. I decided to pursue the path I was walking. At around 3 PM, I was relieved to see the parking lot in sight. I paid the parking guy and started back half-heartedly.

I stopped at many more turns on my way back and enjoyed the landscape. Finally, at around 3:45 PM I reached the same board that said, Nandi Hills... 22 kms. I stopped at this junction, tightened up my sack, wore my helmet which was hanging on the back on my bike during the journey down the hill, and zipped my jacket. I was ready to hit the highway and was in no mood to be stopped by the slow moving trucks this time. My bike which was serviced the previous day was roaring happily as I reached the Hebbal fly-over at 5 PM. I was welcomed in Bangalore by heavy rains. By the time I reached KR Puram I was fully wet although I had my jacket on. From KR Puram onwards, the skies started to clear up. I was back home at 5:30 PM, wet and tired but happy. That was one hell of a ride.

The day had ended, and I was happily listening to Enrique Iglesius.. "Monday night... and i feel so low.. Count the hours... but they go so slow...."