Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Book Review - Eldest

Eldest - Christopher Paulini. Book Two of Inheritance.

This is the second book of the three book series. This book continues the story from where the Book One - Eragon stopped.

Now if I have a give a brief description of the book, I would spoil the fun of Eragon. But nevertheless, I will try not to reveal much. The book focuses on Eragon's training and Roran's adventures. And the book ends by revealing what the 'Eldest' is all about.

Now coming to the book, this one gives the same feeling as the Book Two: The Two Towers of LOTR. Its bit dragging at places. You need to push yourself to finish one chapter after the other. The chapters related to Eragon's training are very well written and you dont feel like putting the book down. But when the chapters turn to focus on Roran, the story drags. Well, I dont say that the story is boring. The chapters are very well written and if you consider these chapters separately, then it is fabulous. But since the chapters related to Eragon and Roran are intervened, the flow breaks.

Imagine, you read couple of chapters full of magic and adventures. You start to wonder whats coming next. Then suddenly, the chapter ends and next chapter starts on adventures of Roran which does not even come close to containing 'm' of magic. This breaks the flow. Something similar to the Book Two of LOTR. But towards the end, both the adventures of Eragon and Roran unite and story gets such a flow that it was impossible for me to put the book down.

The climax of the book is just awesome. The story unfolds some very exciting moments. The author has described these moments very well. And when you are done with book, you cant wait to start on Book Three of Inheritance.

As a whole, the book is very good. The climax is something for which one should read the book. The climax puts an altogether different perspective for the series. A must read because you wont understand the third book without reading this one.

Disclaimer: This views expressed here are my own. And does not refer the opinion of general public. If the opinion is found to be similar to that of general public, then it is purely coincidental.


Mahesh Bhat said...

Good one there Sandy.

Yes, I like that disclaimer too. But do not fret too much, Sandy. I have seen that you know the crowd too well to deviate much from them, no matter how much you wish.

Again, good review.


Rosalin Nayak said...

You are turning out to be a pretty good book reviewer.
Even I cant wait to grab a copy of these books.Though I am not a great fan of fantasy novels.

Great going buddy!