Monday, January 09, 2006

Destination : Unknown

Sunday morning. Me and my collegue started from Bangalore 6:30 AM. Where were we going? Honestly, even we had no idea. When we had gone to one of our collegue's marriage to a place called Madanapalli, the driver had pointed at some road, off the main road, and told us that it leads to a temple within a mountain. And this was some 6 to 8 months back. So, all we had with us was just a memory of the road and nothing else.

The weather was perfect for driving. It was cold and cloudy. And the roads were not that crowded either. As we had started pretty early, we got out of Bangalore before the roads could get crowded. We reached Hoskote in good time. And we found our first waypoint just outskirts of Hoskote. We took the road towards Tumkur. After some distance, we reached a Y-junction. Now we were confused. We did not know which way to go. After some research on the nearly-invisible signboard we found that we had to take a right.

We started again. The journey was quite uneventful. We managed to find that road, all thanks to the Karnataka Tourism sign boards. After some distance, we got our first sight of the mountains. We stopped there to take snaps and to take a stretch.

We started after some time, and found our way up the mountain to the temple. Though I am not a regular visitor to the temples, I found this temple quite like a "temple". It was calm and quite, with not many people flocking in. When we reached the temple there were only a couple of people inside.

After a quick visit to the temple, we spent quite a long time exploring the surroundings. Me and my collegue, being nature lovers, had a great time enjoying the landscape and the weather. And since both of us had got new digicams recently, we were looking for opporunities to test our digicams. So, we were happily clicking snaps of anything we could lay our eyes on. After a series of photo shoots ( I would rather call it experiments), we decided to start back to Bangalore.

The journey to Bangalore was quite uneventful as well. We stopped to get some fruits to eat. And stopped at another place to refuel our "third companion" (my collegue's bike) and had our breakfast of fruits. We reached Bangalore at around 12 PM.

Another weekend, another unexpected drive. Lets see what is in store for the next weekend.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Wow. I love that photo. Makes us look so small.

I never thought such a place could exist in South India. This strenghtens my belief that there is a lot for me to see.