Saturday, June 10, 2006

Too Late?

Disclaimer: Make a tired and frustrated person to watch 15 Park Avenue, and this is what you get. Read at your own risk.

He had it enough. He could take it no longer. It was one of those days when nothing goes right. He had been facing problems from long. But things were getting messier each passing day. Each day he could feel life was strangling him. He did not know how long he could hold it off. He needed someone with him at that moment. But he knew that such a thing was nothing sort of a miracle.

Whenever he needed someone with him, it would never happen. Not that he did not have friends. He had plenty of them. All of them needed him when in trouble. But whenever he needed them, he could find no one. But he did not complain. He had learnt not to expect things to work your way. But this time things were getting too harsh. He needed help.

He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He had been trying to sleep from the past couple of hours. But sleep seemed to evade him. Thoughts flew into his head of the days when he used to sleep with no worries. Those days were gone forever.

He realised that it was no good trying to sleep. He got up and moved into the bar section in his house. He never drank. The section was meant for his guests only. But today was different. He helped himself with some drink. He needed it tonight.

It was nearly morning. He was still confused. He had thought about it the whole night. He had thought that he could handle it. But things were getting on his nerves now. He could not bear it any longer. His life was pointless. There was nothing left in life for him now.

Suddenly he stood up. He knew what he had to do. He walked up to the top floor of the building. As he reached the top, he could feel the cold breeze hitting hard on his face. It would be daybreak any moment. But he did not wait to savour the moment. He walked to the end of the building. He had made up his mind. He closed his eyes.

As he fell, he opened his eyes. He was basking in the first rays of the sun. He could feel the chillness in the wind being sweeped away by the early morning glory. Then it hit him. He knew what he was missing. He remembered the joyous moments of his life. He knew what it takes to be happy. The times when he had played in the first rains, the times when he felt the first flakes of snow melt on his body, the times when he walked on the beaches. These were moments of true joy.

He knew it was too late now. Or was it really too late?