Friday, April 21, 2006

As wonderful as

What next?

I finally managed to wake up at 9 PM. Only to find the whole house deserted. It took me a whole minute and half to register that my room-mates had gone home for the weekend.
"Hmmm, Now we have a situation at hand" I thought.

After waking up at 9 PM, you dont have much options as well. It had been quite a day. Or rather, quite a day and night. With the deadline to meet, I had no options but to stay over the night and get the work done. So, after all the work and sleep, I needed a break. And at this time of the night, I had limited options. I started to sort them.

Myself: "How bout dinner at a good restaurant?"
Me: "Nah, after all that sleep I am not really hungry"
Myself: "Then how bout cooking dinner?"
Me: "How bout options C and D. You gave me only A and B"
Myself: "Ok, then how bout going for a movie?"
Me: "Am I nuts? Am already having a hang-over. A movie will only give me a huge headache. Nothing doing"
Myself: "Then how bout getting a movie from the video parlour?"
Me: "Hmmm... No good movies have been released recently. Bad idea. Chuck"
Myself: "Well, then how bout a walk?"
Me: "Hmmm... a good idea. but am too lazy to go for a walk right now"
Myself: "Come on.. decide on something..."
Me: "Hmmmm.... Oooooh.... Aaaah.... Uuuummmmm"
Me: "Gotcha!!!!" (Imagined myself with a bulb lit over my head)
Me: "How bout a going for a drive?"
Myself: "Awesome idea!!! You are a genius!!!"
Me: "Ya ya!!! I know!!"

Myself: "Ok Einstein, tell me where to?"
Me: "Oh.. good question! How bout till ulsoor lake?"
Myself: "In this traffic? U gotta be kidding !!!"
Me: "Good point. Hmmm..... then, how bout just aroung Indiranagar?"
Myself: "A decent idea. But, what bout the street dogs?"
Me: "Ah.. an excellent point!!! Hmmm... "
Myself: "Ahem... just to remind you that you are hungry"
Me: "Oops!!! I forgot... Now what?"
Myself: "How bout driving down to the local store and getting some grub?"
Me: "Too good.. driving ka driving... food ka food.. One arrow se two prey"
Myself: "So get moving u lazy idiot !!!! The store will be closing any minute !!!!"

I managed to catch up with the store guy just when he was deciding to close down. And for a junkie like me, this store is virtual heaven. For a store not bigger than a cupboard, the store guy had somehow mastered the art to stuff in everything for a junkie. I bought all the Maggi and Lays I could lay my hands on and some Appy as well. And with all such good food, I couldnt wait till I got home. And it hardly needs to be told that, with such anticipation, driving home did not take more than a minute.

So, while I was cooking Maggi, I realised this was like back to square one. I still had not decided what needs to be done. I had only 2 minutes to decide, till my Maggi would be ready. And as I was pacing round the house, my eyes fell on something, a Tom and Jerry DVD. "Now, this is heaven" I thought.

A cold night. A soft bed. A plate of hot Maggi. Couple of bottles of cold Appy. Loads of Lays. A full DVD of Tom and Jerry. WOW !!!!!

"A perfect evening" I thought as I slowly drifted to sleep at 1 AM "But nothing is as wonderful as sleep".

Thursday, April 06, 2006

One night at the Office

One fine friday....

6:00 PM

"Oye Sandy !!! What plans for the evening dude? We are going for a movie. Wanna join?"
"Sorry man. Got some work in office today"
"Oh!! Hard luck buddy!"
"Ya! Maybe next time. Thanx"

8:00 PM

"Sandy!! Coming for dinner?"
"Dont think so"

10:00 PM


"Hi Mom"
"Hi! Where are you?"
"Eh.... In off..i..c....e"
"WHAT!!!! @#$^&%&!@#%@%#$&#@!#$@$#@%@ !!!!!"
"Ahem... Mum.. Bit busy now.. Will call up tomorrow morning.. Love you.. Bye"

11:00 PM

"He..ll....ozzzzzz.. zzzz"
"I will be coming late. Dont latch the door"

11:45 PM

"Haaayyyiiiiii !!!!! How was office today?"
"Well... Am still in office"
"What !!?? What are you doing there at this time?"
"Having a date with Aishwarya Rai"
"Very funny!!!!"
"Listen!!! Got some work to complete... Will call up tomorrow.. Bye"

2:00 AM

BUZZ!!!! (Yahoo Messenger)
"Sandy!!! u missed the movie man!!! it was awesome!!! btw, wat time u reached home?"
"still in office :-("
":-O U r outta ur goddamn mind!!!"
"Hey!!! nothin of tat sort man.. jst need to send this to the client by today..."
"wat today??? Its already tomo!!!"
"ya i know.. nearly finished..."
"ok... gotta crash.. good nite"
"good nite"
(XXX has signed off)

4:00 AM

"hi Sandy!!! wats up?"
"howdy mate!!! howz life in Austin?"
"B-) awesome man... how come up so late? weekend bash huh? ;-)"
"oh man.. wish it was tat.. in office dude"
"Wat !?? i knew u were crazy, but looks like we need to find an asylum for u now!!!"
"ha pj... nothin man... its only today... had to get this thing working... nearly done..."
"ok... carry on then... will buzz later.. tc"
"u too.. bye"
(YYY has signed off)

6:00 AM

"Hi Sundeep!! You done with the code?"
"Ya.. nearly done.."
"Ok.. Expect for a few codes, rest of the codes seem to be fine.. Just check in once you are done"

8:00 AM

"Hi Sundeep!! We have just sent the code. Have a good weekend"
"Ok.. Thanx.. You have a great weekend too"

9:00 AM

"Ah !!! finally !!!"
"Coming for breakfast?"

10:00 AM