Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back to Coorg

Last weekend was special. I was getting a long weekend off after a long time. And so it was decided that we go to Coorg for the weekend. Coorg was special. It was one of the memorable trips I had made during my college days. So, it was like reliving the fun again.

I dont want this post to be a travelogue. So I will skip the details and illustrate only the highlights.

We started on saturday morning in a sumo. And we were in no hurry to reach Madikeri, as we wanted to enjoy the ride. So we managed to reach Madikeri at around 4 PM. With not much time left with us for sight-seeing, we visited Raja's seat and then called it the day. Next morning we visited Talacauvery and Abbi Falls. Both the places were too crowded. Looked like all the people in Bangalore had got the same brainwave as we had. So, by the time we were done with Abbi Falls, the day was ending. We started back next morning, visiting Nisargadhama and Golden Temple enroute to Bangalore. And Bangalore traffic rose to this occasion, giving us a tremendous welcome. We reached home at around 10 PM tired and happy.

This trip to Coorg was more pleasant as the weather was great and the landscape was more greener. But nothing could match the fun I had in my college trip. Man, Am I getting nostalgic?


ManuelPatrick 65-93361507 said...


nice pic, where is corge??

i havn't been out of singapore for a long time...

dharmu said...

ok....who was this, who actually had the guts to comment before me???

and sandy, u told me late uh???

but nothing liek coorg on bikes..
wait sandy....

Vyoma said...

Ah Coorg! I remember that place. It was quite blissful the last time I went there.

The only thing that can compare to it is if I go there again on my bike.

Harsha said...

Next time, we'll go again. After Nagi s comes down from Netherlands.