Friday, April 21, 2006

As wonderful as

What next?

I finally managed to wake up at 9 PM. Only to find the whole house deserted. It took me a whole minute and half to register that my room-mates had gone home for the weekend.
"Hmmm, Now we have a situation at hand" I thought.

After waking up at 9 PM, you dont have much options as well. It had been quite a day. Or rather, quite a day and night. With the deadline to meet, I had no options but to stay over the night and get the work done. So, after all the work and sleep, I needed a break. And at this time of the night, I had limited options. I started to sort them.

Myself: "How bout dinner at a good restaurant?"
Me: "Nah, after all that sleep I am not really hungry"
Myself: "Then how bout cooking dinner?"
Me: "How bout options C and D. You gave me only A and B"
Myself: "Ok, then how bout going for a movie?"
Me: "Am I nuts? Am already having a hang-over. A movie will only give me a huge headache. Nothing doing"
Myself: "Then how bout getting a movie from the video parlour?"
Me: "Hmmm... No good movies have been released recently. Bad idea. Chuck"
Myself: "Well, then how bout a walk?"
Me: "Hmmm... a good idea. but am too lazy to go for a walk right now"
Myself: "Come on.. decide on something..."
Me: "Hmmmm.... Oooooh.... Aaaah.... Uuuummmmm"
Me: "Gotcha!!!!" (Imagined myself with a bulb lit over my head)
Me: "How bout a going for a drive?"
Myself: "Awesome idea!!! You are a genius!!!"
Me: "Ya ya!!! I know!!"

Myself: "Ok Einstein, tell me where to?"
Me: "Oh.. good question! How bout till ulsoor lake?"
Myself: "In this traffic? U gotta be kidding !!!"
Me: "Good point. Hmmm..... then, how bout just aroung Indiranagar?"
Myself: "A decent idea. But, what bout the street dogs?"
Me: "Ah.. an excellent point!!! Hmmm... "
Myself: "Ahem... just to remind you that you are hungry"
Me: "Oops!!! I forgot... Now what?"
Myself: "How bout driving down to the local store and getting some grub?"
Me: "Too good.. driving ka driving... food ka food.. One arrow se two prey"
Myself: "So get moving u lazy idiot !!!! The store will be closing any minute !!!!"

I managed to catch up with the store guy just when he was deciding to close down. And for a junkie like me, this store is virtual heaven. For a store not bigger than a cupboard, the store guy had somehow mastered the art to stuff in everything for a junkie. I bought all the Maggi and Lays I could lay my hands on and some Appy as well. And with all such good food, I couldnt wait till I got home. And it hardly needs to be told that, with such anticipation, driving home did not take more than a minute.

So, while I was cooking Maggi, I realised this was like back to square one. I still had not decided what needs to be done. I had only 2 minutes to decide, till my Maggi would be ready. And as I was pacing round the house, my eyes fell on something, a Tom and Jerry DVD. "Now, this is heaven" I thought.

A cold night. A soft bed. A plate of hot Maggi. Couple of bottles of cold Appy. Loads of Lays. A full DVD of Tom and Jerry. WOW !!!!!

"A perfect evening" I thought as I slowly drifted to sleep at 1 AM "But nothing is as wonderful as sleep".


Harsha said...

Maggi and Lays and Appy .... no wonder you are swelling up :))

Me and Myself ... looks like u have a split personality dude.... rem jim carrey in me,myself and irene ;)

Seen BI-2? It's worth a watch.... its got better ending than the first...

Anonymous said...

Sandy has presented a good example and simple of a mind vs soul conversation that takes place in everyone of us.. He has personified both of them by naming them as Me and Myself.. All he needs not is an Irene in his life !!! :-)


dharmu said...

cool sandy, that was a nice post.

me and myself- quite liked it !

id-ego-super ego- i would say.
and u still need a irene if you dont want to do this self talking for the rest of ur life.

sooraj-r u listening ???

bev- look who is talking ????

Mahesh Bhat said...

Good heavens!!

Thank the cosmos that you got your split persona only after you shifted out of our place. I could barely bear with you when you were my roommate earlier.


Oh! I forgot, it was the otherway round. ><

He... he... good one Sandy.

Oh yeah. Eat and puff up, and after that, in case of any insurgency, I could use you as a barricade. You know, as I was saying earlier - "all you have to do is knock Sandy down with a cudgel on his head, and then you can use him as cover".