Friday, May 12, 2006

Mr. Patch

Me and Mr.Patch have had a great affinity with each other since the day we met. We had a grand introduction with each other. I still remember that day. I was 7 years old. And my dad decided to teach me to ride a cycle. I had been to my cousin's place to get his cycle. After an hour of serach in his garage, topped with a many cobweb cleaning, we managed to find his cycle lying is one small corner nicely camoflaged with the walls (means that its all rusty and nearly falling to pieces, coz the walls were painted brown). After we managed to extract it from the corner, we found that both its tyres were busted. Now this is a grand intro, isnt it? I had met Mr.Patch even before I knew to ride.

After that day, me and Mr.Patch used to meet each other nearly every week. My cousin's cycle was very fond of Mr.Patch and made sure that me and Mr.Patch did manage to spend quite a long time together. After a series of crashes and mis-adventures, I finally managed to learn cycling.

After lots of pleads and persuasions, I managed to convince dad to get me a new cycle. I got my new Atlas cycle when I was 10 years old. I said a happy farewell to my old cycle, and hoped that I had finally got rid of Mr.Patch. But it turned out that after spending more than 3 years with me, Mr. Patch could not let go of me so easily. I managed to meet Mr. Patch the very next week I got my Atlas. But one thing was sure, the frequency with which we used to meet did get reduced to once a month.

When I was 12, we moved out of Bangalore, and settled in Udupi. But the bonding between me and Mr.Patch had grown so strong that now we were inseparable. We started to meet atleast 10 times a month. I was a regular customer at the mechanic next door. I had a shrewd feeling that he could feed his family just by the money he earned from me. But whatever be the case, Mr.Patch did make me and that mechanic pretty good friends.

When I was 17, I decided that it was time to say bye-bye to my Atlas and get myself a new cycle. So, my Atlas paved way for a new Hero Ranger. But whatever come and go, nothing could come in between me and Mr.Patch. We shifted our house again, and this time too Mr.Patch made sure that me and the mechanic became fast friends. Although the frequency of our meetings were reduced, it was far from over.

And after 5 years with my Hero Ranger, I moved on to my bike, a Pulsar. I hoped I had got rid of Mr.Patch finally. But he did prove me wrong. I met Mr.Patch again after 7 months I got my bike. And after that, the visits started to get regular. I met Mr.Patch 3 more times in a span of just 2 months. Our last visit happened yesterday. I dont know when Mr.Patch will visit me next, but I surely dont want that meeting to happen even in the distant future. What do you have to say Mr.Patch?


dharmu said...

*me First*

dharmu said...

hey, even i fancied having a hero ranger. gee but Mr.Patch was not my friend. i guess i had only 5-6 patches in the span of 8 years.

jeez, he dint love me or my bike i guess.
nd my saffire is the best,4 years and no complaints from him.

um,sandy boy...*wink*

Vyoma said...

Mr.Patch in point of view of Mr.Murphy:

"If there is a slight possibility of meeting Mr.Patch, you will be meeting Mr.Patch!"

I have had my share of meetings with Mr.Patch on my Street Cat (bicycle), Hero Swing (bicycle), Bajaj Super (scooter), and also my dad's Omni (van). To date, Mr.Patch has not dared to come near me as long as I am with my Black Beauty a.k.a my Machishmo, a Royal Enfiled Bullet.

dharmu said...

@vyoma-touch wood dear...
little you know, Mr.Patch may make his entry tomorrow???

Vyoma said...

touch wood?

I will do better. I'll go hug a tree. I am sort of a tree hugger. :D


Harsha said...

Hey Sandy,

I rem we both met Mr. Patch on our way to Sangama and Chunchi falls. It was good meeting Mr. Patch then and we had lot of snacks while Nagu got someone to fix Mr. Patch ;)

Long time later I was checking blogs. Nice to see u are updating.
I still havent found time :(

Yes-G said...

dude!!! what do you do when you don't find mr patch on the highway :-))) touch/hug/kiss wood!!