Saturday, October 22, 2005

What is Love

So, What is Love? Maybe another million dollar question.

I am not a philosopher to explain Love, nor have I any interest in expressing my personal opinion. What I am refering to here is the song "What is Love".

Let me elaborate. Last weekend I had been to one of my friend's place to set right some problem in his computer. After a frustrating battle for 3 hours, I concluded that nothing could be done to his computer. So I got his HDD to my place, and set the things right. When everything was fine, I started exploring his HDD and found some interesting videos. One of them was this one.

So "What is Love"? This clip features Jim Carrey, and I dont think I need to say anything. This clip is shot for series called "Saturday Night". Its a great video and background score is awesome too. Jim Carrey at his best maybe. The clip is about three guys who go around the city on a saturday night in search of "Love" (dont miss the quotes).

For all those people who have not watched this video can download the same through one of the the following URL:

And after you have watched the same, please do give your comments.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Sorry Sandy, I cannot watch those clips and give comments. You know where I surf the net, and you know how it is.