Monday, October 17, 2005

Of Hits and Misses

"Life is not fair", "Life is not a bed of roses", etc. etc. These are some of the many one-liners that try describe a very abstract word called "Life". Many people have tried to define life and they may have defined it right in their view-point. But then, "Life is not fair".

A very small incident tells us how things turn up in life. Of the things you wanted to work out and about the things you didn't.

You plan to spend a beautiful weekend with your friends partying out, but end up in office with your boss breathing down your neck like an infuriated ox. You are forced to work. But then, mind has no boundaries. It can never be confined inside the boundaries of this world. Your mind will be partying merrily with your friends, while you are physically tied in your cubicle. And the task which would have taken only an hour during normal hours will take not less than a couple of hours to finish. And by the time you are done, your friends would have done with the party and returned back to their "Home-Sweet-Home".

So, how would you feel at that time? And if you were planning for this weekend from the past couple of months, then? But what can you do? Well, other than finding words to curse your devilish boss. Nothing. You feel so helpless. You end up swearing "Why me !!??".

And thats a million dollar question, "Why me !!??". And at this time, you feel everyone around you is leading an "ideal" life. Everything seems to be working right for them. No worries, no problems. You are the only target in the world for all the misfortunes and misadventures at that time. God (If you believe in Him) seems to be very unfair to you. You end up screaming "Why me !!??".

You are helpless. Your hands are tied. You want to pin-down this injustice on someone. But you cant find anyone. So what do you do?

I am leaving this topic open for now. Maybe I can conclude on this some day.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

I just know how you feel, Sandy. Hold up.