Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I got a sms this morning saying "A gem quote : Probability of meeting someone increases exponentially when you are in a position where you dont want to meet them". So I started pondering on this quote to analyse whether it was really a "gem".

Hoping that it would be easier to analyse the quote given certain scenario, I started thinking of instances where this quote would hold true.

Instance 1: You have told your parents (read relatives) that you are going to your friend's place to study for the coming exams when actually you are going for a party. You go to the party, have great fun, you get totally sloshed and then when you think nothing can go wrong, your cousin comes there with his friends (or you bump into some relative of yours). OOPS !!!

Instance 2: You are going around with someone from the past few days and none of your friends know about it. One day when you are in a movie, suddenly you see your big-mouthed friend sitting next to you and watching you with that "someone" when that "someone" has held your hand or something. OOPS !!!

Instance 3: You stay back at office telling your boss that you have some work to finish. Pleased with your hard work, your boss leaves for the day smiling at you. Trying to make maximum use of this opportunity, you start to play some game or start browsing some sites which you usually dont visit when you boss is around. But because of your bad luck, your boss who had forgotten something comes back to office and finds you busy in your "own world". Suddenly, something tells you that this moment is too good to be true and you turn back to find your boss standing behind your back. OOPS !!!

Well, let me tell you that I have never been in such close situations and touch wood, I wouldn't want to be in one either. But then, I do know many people who have been in such a, can i say "delicate" situation.

After analysing all these scenarios, I finally concluded that it was definitely a gem quote. If you disagree, I would like to hear more about it. And if you agree, or if you have anything to share, please comment.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Tell me one thing Sandy, is this 'gem quote' a direct result of your involvement in all those chip-designing and Murphy's laws and such?