Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nothing Official about it

Another weekend down. Nothing done. Awesome !!!!

Sometimes things down work the way you want them to be. Sometime back I had made a resolution. "Every weekend I would do something and blog about it". Now it looks like I need to rethink on that resolution. Maybe, I overdid it.

Another couple of weeks with no action, then the resolution is going to change for sure. Man, isnt it difficult to stick to your words? And now, looking the way things are going, am sure this weekend also will have no action.

Now looking at the resolution, I have two options in front of me.
(1) Change the resolution - maybe something like "Every alternate weekends I will do something" or "I will blog every week even if I am out of action". The first alternative looks pleasing enough. But am more biased towards the second alternative. Atleast that keeps me in touch with my blogs.
(2) Make it a point to do something every weekend - This, I think, is not feasible.

So, I hope to follow alternative 'b' of my first option. Lets see how things go. But to tell frankly, am out of ideas on the topics to blog on. Earlier it was something like a travelogue. But now it will be something different. Lets see what the future has in store for my blog. Maybe I can come up with some good topics.

Till then... May the force be with me !!!!

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Mahesh Bhat said...

I know the way your are feeling my friend. As a matter of fact I did post something related to this in Writer's Block.

May the force be with you.