Monday, December 19, 2005

May the Force be with you!

I have always found a great affinity for Star Wars. The concept of Star Wars is just amazing. I am sure there are many out there who feel that Star Wars is crap. But I tend to disagree. Its all about fantasy and imagination. Its all that people with limited amount of imagination cannot completely comprehend the meaning of Star Wars. And hence, tend to call it a crap.

Having said all that, let me come to the point. Last weekend I had been to Forum. Forum is one of the best malls in Bangalore (Its where people with no idea of shopping flock together just to, u know, 'pass time'). Anyways, personally I dont find Forum much appealing expect the fact that it has "Landmark", my favourite store. So, when my collegue invited me to Forum, I agreed. Afterall, it had been real long since I visited Landmark.

Once I was in Landmark, I noticed a great collection of books waiting to be explored. The first thing that caught my eye was Calvin and Hobbes complete set. The set was so heavy that I had a tought time lifting it to find the price. And the sight of the price made the set go crashing from my hand. However, I managed to grab it before it hit the ground. The price tag read a hefty 6.3k. "Way out of reach" I thought.

It took quite an effort to tear my eyes away from it. But then, I noticed a book by Chetan Bhagat, 'One Night @ the Call Center'. Having read 'Five point someone', I was looking forward for Bhagat's next book. It was instantly added to my shopping cart. Then, with no great book around, I just wandered in the store.

Suddenly, I saw it. A shelf full of Star Wars' books. I could have kicked myself. How the hell did I miss the shelf before. There were so many books that I was confused(confused is an understatement, but a better word did not strike me). After rummaging through the shelf, I did not know which book to start with. Finally, I settled on "Star Wars: Episode I - Phatom Menace".

Now I am looking forward to start on the Star Wars book. Right now I am half way through a book called 'Eragon'. So I plan to start on the book after that. And hope by that time, the Force guides me to find the right sequence of books.

Till then.... May the Force be with you!

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Ah! So the force is strong with you!

Heck, you must as well know if you have been trough my blogs, I have a seperate blog going for Star Wars, "Universe of Star Wars". Ok, I agree it has not been updated for a long long time, but trust me, I too have spent a fortune on buying those a dozen of hard-bound StarWars novels and I do not intend on flushing it all down the drain. It is just that I am occupied with other things these days.

One Night @ Call Center, by Chetan Bhagat: I am going through that book and when I finish it, may be we can have a discussion on that.

Eragon, eh? Well, my friends here know that I have been eyeing that book everytime I have been to Landmark, Chennai. Uh... how I wish I had more funds to divert on this interest of mine. Come to think of it, how I wish I could get some more time to invest in these interests.

Anyway, happy reading!