Monday, November 14, 2005

Nandi Hills 2

The trip to Nanhi Hills was decided out of nowhere. We had given it a thought on friday evening in office. But I had assumed that this would not materialise like other trips. But on saturday evening, after a series of phone calls, it was decided that we would be going to Nandi Hills on sunday.

On sunday morning, 5 of us started from Bangalore at 9 AM to Nandi Hills. We had the old crowd of Shivanasamudra trip and two new people. The meeting point was BEML gate. We met there at 9:20 AM. From there, we started towards Nandi Hills by taking the old madras road and outer ring road to reach Hebbal fly-over in about 45 minutes.

Just after the fly-over we gave our first stop. This time to buy fruits. But the fruits were out of reach because of the cost factor. Forgettting the fruits, we started again. The traffic was pretty thick till Yelahanka. After that, the traffic started thinning out. And the ride started getting comfortable.

The second stop was just after ITC and this time for breakfast. After suppressing the rumbles in the stomach, we started again. And this time, we decided not to stop until we reached the road to Nandi Hills.

Once we had reached the Nandi Hills road, we had our next stop. After a small photo session, we started towards Nandi Hills. We stopped at several places on the way to shoot snaps and videos.

By the time we reached Nandi Hills, it was lunch time and all of us were hungry. After a fine walk in the gardens, we reached the top and found a restaurant. The quality of food did not matter. We were all hungry and anything at that time would have been bliss. However, the restaurant turned out to be pretty ok.

After having our fill, we went to the Yoganandishwara temple atop. The temple is very old and constructed entirely with stones. I had not visited the temple the last time I had been to Nandi Hills. So this was a different experience.

After the visit to the temple, we went searching for famous "Tippu Drop". We did have to walk quite a distance to reach there. But the experience was great. A steep drop of about 2000ft. The prisoners sentenced to death by Tippu were thrown, or rather pushed, from this place.

By the time we were done with all this, it was 3 PM. We decided to start back in order to avoid the traffic in Bangalore. Also, we all wanted something to drink. So, we started back and stopped at the bottom of Nandi Hills. After some water and tea, we started back towards Bangalore. We stopped at the NH-7 junction and again rebuckled ourselves. And this time, it was non-stop drive till Hebbal fly-over. We reached Bangalore at around 5 PM. Tired, but happy.

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